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Are you looking to go beyond your comfort zone, to learn every day, to feel good at work ? ACENSI has three main business units and thousands of work opportunities every year!

At ACENSI, we consider that integrating a business unit does not necessarily mean to stay there for the rest of your career. On the contrary, our consultants can benefit of our work opportunities to move from one business unit to another, or to one position to another… from one continent to another ! Our philosophy: allow everyone to develop its own style… Multi-skilled ? Passionate about your area of expertise ? Senior manager, or aiming to become one ? We are waiting for you!


Proximity is centre to our culture. We listen carefully to our staff members and clients; and strive to provide a response in adequation with their needs.


Convinced that our success is achieved by the work and the talent of our staff members, we greatly value the knowledge, but also to the social skills of our consultants.


Innovation is a key driver of development since our beginnings, allowing us to always be a step ahead on technologies which will revolutionise soon our everyday lives.

Get involved in the company

There are numerous ways to invest yourself in the life of the company (employee referral, writing of blog posts…). You will for instance have the opportunity to become an “ACENSI ambassador” and represent the company in the institution you graduated from. This role will allow you to participate to events, and develop your professional network. You will also be able take part in our Meet-Up organised every month alongside one or many experts on a technical topic. Finally, you can get involved in the preparation of our participation for shows such as Microsoft Experiences or NewCrafts.


Become a member of the #TeamACENSI

Get-togethers and social events are regularly held at ACENSI ! Several sport clubs allow staff members to participate in fully subsidised sporting activities, such as Urban Soccer, Running, Cross Training… We offer a wide range of activities ! After-work events are also organised every couple of months, open to the staff members and their relatives. Finally, the whole #TeamACENSI attends the two most anticipated events of the year : The Annual Party and the ACENSI Kids Day !


With an eclectic offer of cultural, fun-oriented and sporting activities, all staff members can find activities of their liking ! Interested to hop in ? Then the ACENSI Spirit !


Our learning center

Our training policy (catalogue ALC Training) is based upon the development of our staff members’ abilities though training programmes delivering certificates of professional competences.

The implementation of partnerships with training companies allows us to benefit from a great reactivity to the training need of our staff members. The objective is to reply quickly to the training requests while taking into consideration the workflow of our consultants engaged in a mission at our clients’. We have favoured accredited schemes who are able to award our consultants with certificates and diplomas at the end of the training programme.

Definition of personalised training programmes

The ALC Training, our internal training department, uses innovative and interactive training methods. We have developed our own e-leaning platform, associated to a catalogue of training courses. This platform allows us to train our staff members with great flexibility and agility.

Training catalogue of the ALC Training

All our training courses are referenced in a catalogue aimed at our staff members and managers.
Each training course is presented by a form indicating the training programme, the target audience, the learning target and the assessment method.

Training scheme for our consultants in-between projects

Once a mission is finished, our consultants go through a competences assessment to identify potential skills to improve, or professional paths to reach.
In 2021, 54.3% of our consultants who had finished their mission passed a certification in adequation with their professional profile or evolution goals while waiting for a new mission.

Improve your competences !

You are supported by ALC, our independent training department, to respond to the training needs identified during your progress reviews. We have developed our own e-leaning platform, associated to a catalogue of training courses. This platform allows us to train our staff members with greater flexibility and agility. We have also created long-term training schemes to better fit the recurring training requirements of our clients.

In 2021, 76% of the training courses attended by our staff members were awarding a certificate or a diploma.

Our e-learning platform has been developed internally by our subsidiary ANEMA, and we have established partnerships with 10 accredited training companies.

Discover our learning center

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